NEW Soldering Rework Station & Soldering Iron WEP 992D+ Brushless fan , EUROPE!

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NEW Soldering Rework Station & Soldering Iron WEP 992D+ Brushless fan , EUROPE!
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YIHUA/WEP 992D+ FAN Soldering Rework Station

1. MODEL 992D+ soldering rework station has a large LCD display which allows for dynamic wind speed display. The indication is clear at a glance.
2. Because of the SAMSUNG SCM and PID program, this equipment can achieve the real-time tracking and correction of air gun temperature and soldering iron temperature. The temperature is highly stable within a fluctuation range of ± 1℃.
3. WEP 992D soldering rework station comes with fast temperature rising. Only 10 seconds is required for the temperature rising from 30℃ to 300℃.
4. Both the air gun and soldering iron are designed with the -50℃ to +50℃ temperature compensation function. In addition, they have the Fahrenheit / Celsius temperature conversion function.
5. The air gun has the manual / automatic mode switching function, while the soldering iron has the sleep function with the time setting range of 0-99 minutes.
6. Our soldering rework station is highly stable. Its handles apply the high temperature resistant silicone wire. The silicone wire has no damage within 30s when touching the soldering tips of 300℃. Besides that, this equipment employs the stainless steel tube and latest ceramic skeleton heater.
9. Not to mention, this soldering rework station has the highest security. With the ABS fan antilock function, the system will immediately cut off the air gun power when the air fan is out of control. Therefore, the user’s security and environmental safety can be further ensured.
10. The iron holder is made of ferroalloy. Its bottom is fixed with sponge. Additionally, the iron holder seat is more convenient to sue with a solder wire fixed axis.
11. The machine part of the device has a self-test function. It can automatically protect itself from over-temperature, short-circuit, open circuit, over load, etc.
12. There is a whole power switch behind the machine. Please turn off the main switch so as to save power and ensure safety, if the machine is not intended to use for a long time.s.


Machine Unit
Rated Voltage AC 220V±10% 50Hz
Power 720W±10% (Max.)
300℃ The thermostat power of (high-speed PID program, energy saving) 250W ±10%
Working Environment 0 ~ 40℃ relative humidity < 80%
Storage Environment -20 ~ 80 ℃ relative humidity < 80%
Body Size 255*188*125mm
Weight 5.11KG
Item Hot air rework Soldering iron
Work Voltage AC 220V±10% 50Hz AC 26V±10% 50Hz
Output Power 550W 75W
Temperature Range 100℃~ 480℃ 200℃~ 480℃
Airflow Type Brushless fan ---
Air Flow 120L /min (Max.) ---
Temperature Stability ±1℃ (Static) ±1℃ (Static)
Display Type LCD display LCD display
Temperature Correction Type The PID digital program proofreading The PID digital program proofreading
PID Temperature Correction Cycle Rapidly 20ms high-speed 100ms
Heating Elements Ceramic skeleton heater Hakko heater
Standard Nozzles/Tips 4 PCS nozzles B
Tip Ground Impedance --- < 2Ω
Tip of Ground Voltage --- < 2mV

YIHUA-992D+ soldering rework station with smoke absorber has a wide application range.
It is suitable for soldering or de-soldering a variety of electronic components, such as SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, SMD, etc. This equipment can be used for thermoshrinking, paint drying, adhesive removal, thawing, warming, plastic welding etc.

Our soldering station is widely used in the following areas:
1. Electronic product assembly
2. Product development in scientific research departments
3. Electronic products maintenance
4. Electrical soldering operation
5. Skill training in all kinds of electronic institutions

Hot air gun
Soldering iron
Mode of Airflow
Diaphragm pump
24 Months Warranty
24 Months Warranty
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